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Bullet-proof in Alphaville


Bullet-proof in Alphaville. The high cost of protection from street violence is one of the many journalist reports written on the gated city of Alphaville (within Sao Paulo, Brazil) which is also under the surveillance of a private army of 1,200 armed officers. In several countries –Brazil especially- unequal wealth distribution has generated a gap between a wealthy minority and the rest of population. As a result of such extreme inequality violence and crime rocketed thus rich people protect themselves behind barbed wires, fences and walls.


Violence is a straightforward consequence of extreme inequality. Wealthy gated communities –with a higher standard of security- are very common in countries where inequality is extreme so the richest people isolate from the poorest and their quality of living. All in all, Alphaville is dystopia come true therefore it would be highly recommendable any sort of activity combining the reading of the journalist report and the watching of films such as Elysium by Neil Blomkamp or Upside Down (Amor entre dos mundos) by Juan Diego Solanas. Another good material to be used could be reading aloud specific chapters or paragraphs of Philip K. Dick’s Do androids dream of electric sheeps? –Blade Runner’s spring of inspiration-.


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